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NCERT Solutions for Class 9th History


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Chapter 6. Peasants and Farmers





Q1. Explain briefly what the open field system meant to rural people in eighteenthcentury England.

Look at the system from the point of view of :

  •  A rich farmer
  •  A labourer
  •  A peasant woman


Q2. Explain briefly the factors which led to the enclosures in England.
Q3. Why were threshing machines opposed by the poor in England?
Q4. Who was Captain Swing? What did the name symbolise or represent?
Q5. What was the impact of the westward expansion of settlers in the USA?
Q6. What were the advantages and disadvantages of the use of mechanical
harvesting machines in the USA?
Q7. What lessons can we draw from the conversion of the countryside in the USA
from a bread basket to a dust bowl?
Q8. Write a paragraph on why the British insisted on farmers growing opium in
Q9. Why were Indian farmers reluctant to grow opium?


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