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NCERT Solutions for Class 9th Economics


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Chapter 2. People as Resource

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Additional Question Answers: 

Q.1. Why is domestic services of house women not treated as economic activities?

Domestic Services by Women. In India, most women generally look after
domestic affairs like cooking of food, washing of clothes, cleaning of utensils, looking after children, etc. They are not treated as economic / productive activities. This is mainly because of two reasons :
(i) Such activities are performed out of love and affection and hence their valuation is not possible.
(ii) They do not add to the flow of goods and services in the economy.

Q.2. Differentiate between voluntary and involuntary unemployment. Give an example.

(a) A person is said to be unemployed when he is able and willing to work at the
prevailing wage rate but does not find work. This is involuntary unemployment.
(b) If some persons are voluntarily unemployed (i.e., they prefer to remain out of work at prevailing wage rates they will not be treated as unemployed. This is voluntary unemployment.

Q.3. What is unemployment? Explain two types of rural unemployment?

Unemployment is said to exist when people who are willing to work at the
prevailing wages rates cannot find jobs. Unemployment in rural areas :
(i) Disguised unemployment : When more persons are working in a job than
actually required, the situation is termed as disguised unemployment. For example, if in an agricultural activity eight people are engaged but this work activity actually requires the services of five people, then three persons are extra. It these three people out of eight are withdrawn, total production will remain unaffected.
(ii) Seasonal Unemployment : Seasonal unemployment occurs when people are able to find jobs only during some months of the year. This kind of unemployment is generally found in agricultural sector.

Q.4. What is Infant Mortality Rate? Why infant mortality rate is decreasing?
Ans. Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) is the total number of children dying under one year of age in a particular period of time. Infant Mortality Rate is decreasing due to following reasons :
(i) Increase in life expectancy due to improved medical facilities.
(ii) Better protection of children from infection, ensuring nutrition along with mother and child care.

Q.5. Give three measures taken by government to improve literacy condition in India.

(i) Opening of Navodaya Vidyalayas : Government has started to estabish Navodaya Vidyalayas in each district vocational streams have been developed to equip large number of high school students with occupations related to knowledge and skills.
(ii) Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan : It is a significant step towards providing elementary education to all the children of age group 614 years. It is an initiative of the central government in partnership with states, local government and the community for achieving the goal of universalisation of elementary education.
(iii) Midday Meal Scheme : It is a programme aimed to encourage attendance and retention of children in schools and improve their nutritional status.

Q6. Why are the people of country refered as resources? 

Answer : There are the following reasons for which people of the country refered as resources. 

(i) For developement : Resources are used in the development of country for varoius purposes like lands for making roads, buildings and other infrastructures. 

(ii) For man making : Men power is the main key for a country. This can build every kinds of capitals. So that the people used their resources for man making. 


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