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Chapter 18. Pollution of Air and Water

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Ques: Write one harmful effect on body of carbon monoxide.

Ans: It reduces the transporting capacity of oxygen in the blood.

Ques: What is global warming?

Ans: There is raising the quantity of CO2 in atmosphere resulting in increasing continue average temperature of atmosphere. This is called global warming.

Ques: Which are the green house gases?

Ans: CO2 , Methane and nitrous oxide etc.

Ques: What is green house effect?

Ans: If the sunlight enters into nursery (glass house) which is not allowed to come out. The trapped heat warms the green plants. Similarly our atmosphere trapped radiation and warms the earth. This effect is known as green house effect.

Ques: Write the full form of CFCs.

Ans: Chlorofluorocarbons.

Ques: Write the full form of WWF.

Ans: Word wide Fund.



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