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Chapter 15. Some Natural Phenomena

Additional Questions With Solutions




Additional Questions With Solutions

Ques: How does lightning produce?

Ans: Lightning is caused by the accumulation of charges in the clouds.

Ques: What is lightning?

Ans: Lightning is a natural phenomenon which occurs in the sky h clouds sparkwit.

Ques: Define charged object?

Ans: When a plastic comb is rubbed with dry hair, it acquires a small charge. These objects are called charged objects.

Ques: Write the type of charge?

Ans: (i) Positive charge         (ii)   Negative charge

Ques: Name the charge acquired by a glass rod when it is rubbed with silk.

(i) Charge on glass rod.

(ii) Charge on silk.


(i) Charge on glass rod – Negative

(ii) Charge on silk – Positive

Ques: What is electroscope?

Ans: This is a device by which it is identified of charge on an object is carrying or not. This device is known as electroscope.

Ques: what is earthing?

Ans: The process of transferring of charge from a charged object to the earth is called earthing.


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