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Chapter 1. Crop Production And Management

Text Book Exercise




Text Book Exercise 

Ques: Select the correct word from the following list and fill in the blanks. float, water, crop, nutrients, preparation

(a)  The same kind of plants grown and cultivated on a large scale at a place is called _____________.

(b)  The first step before growing crops is _____________ of the soil.

(c)  Damaged seeds would _____________ on top of water.

(d)   For growing a crop, sufficient sunlight and ________ and ________from the soil are essential.


(a) Crops

(b) Preparation of soil.

(c) Float

(d) water, nutrients

Ques: Match items in column A with those in column B.

  A B
(i) Kharif crops (a) Food for cattle
(ii) Rabi crops (b) Urea and super phosphate
(iii) Chemical fertilisers urine and plant waste (c) Animal excreta, cow dung
(iv)  Organic manure 

(d) Wheat, gram, pea

(e) Paddy and maize


  A B
(i) Kharif crops (e) Paddy and maize
(ii) Rabi crops (d) Wheat, gram, pea
    (a) Food for cattle
(iii) Chemical fertilisers

(b) Urea and super phosphate 

urine and plant waste  

(iv) Organic manure (c) Animal excreta, cow dung

Ques: Give two examples of each.

(a) Kharif crop

(b) Rabi crop


(a) Kharif crop – Paddy and Maize

(b) Rabi crop – Wheat and gram.

Q4 Write a paragraph in your own words on each of the following.

(a) Preparation of soil

(b) Sowing

(c) Weeding

(d) Threshing


(a) Preparation of soil – The preparation of soil is the first step before growing a crop. One of the most important tasks in agriculture is to turn the soil and loosen it. This allows the roots to penetrate deep into the soil. The process of loosening and turning of the soil is called tilling or ploughing. This is done by using a plough. Ploughs are made of wood or iron.  The ploughed field may have big pieces of soil called crumbs. It is necessary to break these crumbs with a plank. The levelling of soil is done with the help of a leveller.

(b) Sowing – Sowing is a process of putting seeds into soil, in this process there is used a traditional funnel. It helps to put seeds into soil. Sowing is the most important part of crop production. Before sowing, good quality seeds are selected. Seed must be at appropriate distance and be avoided overcrowding. 

(c) Weeding - Many other undesirable plants may grow naturally along with the crop. These undesirable plants are called weeds. Weeds are harmful for crops. These take all nutrients water and light from soils which are added for crops. Weeds can be removed manually or by using weedicides. Manually there is used a Khurpi while by using weedicides we use chemical substances like 2, 4-D, which damage only weeds and do not harm to crops

(d) Threshing – After harvesting the crops, the crops are threshed for removing grain seeds from the chaff. This is carried out with the help of a machine called ‘combine’ which is in fact a combined harvester and thresher.


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