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Chapter 12. पादपों में जनन






Q1. What is called the flower which contain both stamens and pistil?

Ans: Bisexual flower.

Q2. What is called the fusion of male and female gamates? 

Ans: Fertilisation.

Q3. Give an example of unisexual flower. 

Ans: Maize.

Q4. Name a vegetative part of plants.

Ans: Root. 

Q5. By Which method of reproduction the rose plant is grown? 

Ans: Vegetative progration. 

Q6. By which method of reproduction the Yeast regenerates? 

Ans: Budding. 

Q7. What is called reproduction in which a plant is grown by seed? 

Ans: Sexual Reproduction. 

Q8. Name the reproductive part of plants.

Ans: Flowers.

Q9. What is called the process of transfering of pollen grains from anther to stogma? 

Ans: Pollination. 

Q10. Name a plant which regenerates a newone by its leaves? 

Ans: Brayophillum. 

Q11. Name the method of reproduction in which only male or female participates? 

Ans: Asexual Reproduction. 

Q12. What is called the process in which a new idivisual produce from parents? 

Ans: Reproduction. 

Q13. What is called the female part of flowers? 

Ans: Pistil. 

Q14. What is called the male gamate of flowering plants?

Ans: Pollen grain. 

Q15. Name a method of asexual reproduction by which algae grow in newone? 

Ans: Fragmentation. 













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