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Chapter 5. Acids, Bases and Salts

Chapter Review




Chapter Review:

  • Acids are sour substances which are found in curd, lemon juice, orange juice and in vinegar. 
  • Substances like these which are bitter in taste and feel soapy on touching are known as bases. EX:- baking soda, soap and milk of magnesia.

  • A special kind of substances are used to identify the acids and bases, these are called indicator.  

  • A natural indicator is Litmus paper. 

  • Such a solution which does not change the colour of red and blue litmus paper is called neutralised solution. 

  • Such a reaction in which acid and base nutralise the effect of each other is known as neutralization.

  • The food does not digest properly in our stomach due to excess of hydrochloric acid (acidity) this is known as indigestion. 

  • A new substance is produced in neutralisation reaction is known as salt. 

  • Acid turns blue litmus red. Bases turn red litmus blue.


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