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Chapter 3. Fibre to Fabric

Additional Questions with Solutions




Additional Short Answered Questions: 

Ques1: Name the animal fibres.
Ans: Wool and silk. 

Ques2: Where does wool obtain from?
Ans: Wool obtains from animals like sheep, goat, yak and some other animals.

Ques3: What is sericulture?
Ans: The rearing of silkworms for obtaining silk ios called sericulture.

Ques4: What is cocoon?
Ans: The caterpillar completely covers itself by silk fibers and turns into pupa. This covering is known as cocoon.

Ques5: Define term selective breeding. 
Ans: The process of selecting parents for obtaining special characters in their offspring, such a soft under hair in the sheep, is ‘termed selective’.

Ques6: What types of wool fibres are mostly found from sheep that form its fleece?
Ans: The sheep has two types of fibres.
(i) The coarse beard hair.
(ii) The fine soft. 

Ques7: What occupational hazard may be the workers in wool industry?
Ans: They may get infected by a bacterium, anthrax. Which causes a fatal blood disease called sorter’s disease.

Ques8: Where does Pashmina shawls make?
Ans: Jammu and Kashmir. 

Ques9: By which animal is Angora wool obtain?
Ans: Angora goat of Jammu and Kashmir.


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