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Chapter 2. Nutrition in Animals

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Short Answered Questions: 

Ques:– What is digestion?

Ans:- The breakdown of complex components of food into simpler substances is called digestion.

Ques:- Name the various parts of digestive system.
Ans:- (i) Buccal cavity (ii) food pipe or oesophagus (iii) stomach (iv) small intestine (v) large intestine (vi) rectum (vii) anus

Ques:- By which process amoeba take its food?
Ans:- Endocytosis (engulfing)

Ques:- By the help of which organ does amoeba move?
Ans:- Pseudopodia.

Ques:- What is similar in amoeba and human?
Ans:- Both digest the food.

Ques:- What is absorption?
Ans:- The digested food passes into the blood vessels in the wall of the intestine. This process is called absorption.

Ques:- What is called the process of taking food into the body?
Ans:- Ingestion.

Ques:- Name the substance which breaks down the starch into sugars.
Ans:- Saliva.

Ques:-Where is saliva secreted From?
Ans:- Saliva is secreted from salivary glands situated in the mouth.

Ques:- Name the cavity in which teeth and tongue are situated.
Ans:- Buccal cavity.

Ques:- Write the various types of teeth.
Ans:- (i) Incisor (ii) Canine (iii) Premolar (iv) Molar

Ques:- Which teeth are used for chewing and grinding?
Ans:- Premolar and Molar.

Ques:- Which teeth are used for cutting and biting?
Ans:- Incisor.

Ques:- Which teeth are used for piercing and tearing?
Ans:- Canine.

Ques:- What substance causes tooth decay?
Ans:- acids.

Ques:- Write the cause of diarrhoea.
Ans:- It is caused by infection, food poisoning or indigestion.

Ques:- What is rumen?
Ans:- The grass eating animal quickly swallow the grass and store it in a part of the stomach called rumen.

Ques:- What is cud?
Ans:- When food gets partially digested and is called cud.

Ques:- What are ruminants?
Ans:- In the grass eating animal, cud returns to the mouth in small lumps and the animal chews it. This process is called ruminants.

Ques:- Name the carbohydrate that can’t be digested by the human?
Ans:- Cellulose

Ques:- What substances are secreted by inner lining of stomach?
Ans:- Mucous, hydrochloric acid and digestive juice.

Ques:- Name the movement which occurs during swallowing through oesophagus.
Ans:- Peristalsis movement.

Ques:- Name the largest gland in the body.
Ans:- Liver.

Ques:- Name the substances which are secreted by liver.
Ans:- Bile juice.

Ques:- Name the sac in which the bile juice is stored.
Ans:- Gall Bladder.

Ques:- Name the substance which plays an important role in digestion of fats.
Ans:- Bile juice.



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