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Chapter 16. Water : A Precious Resource

Additional Question With Solutions




Additional Question With Solutions: 


Ques1– What is ground water?

Answer There is the space between particles of soil and gaps between rocks are filled with water. This water is found under the ground table. The water found below the water table is called groundwater.

Ques2– What is called the process of seeping of water into the ground?

Answer This is called infiltration.

Ques3– What is aquifer?

Answer At places the groundwater is stored between layers of hard rock below the water table. This is known as an aquifer.

Ques4– Name the two process by which water of aquifers is pumped out.

Answer (i)    wells       (ii) Hand pumps

Ques5– How can be refilled the ground water? Exaplain.

Answer The ground water can be refilled by the following methods.

(i) By the rain water.

(ii) By the water harvesting, by the boaring.

Ques6– Which factors influence (affect) the ground water?

Answer The factors which influence (affect) the ground water.

(i) Increase in population, industrial and agricultural activities

(ii) Scanty rainfall

(iii) Deforestation and decrease in the effective area for seepage of water.

Ques7 – Name those activities those results in depletion of water table.


(i) Irrigation

(ii) Industrial use and constructions.

(iii) Drinking water.

Ques8 – What do you understand by water harvesting?

Answer- The rainwater can be used to recharge the groundwater. This is referred to as water harvesting or rain water harvesting.

Ques9 – Name three traditional methods for water harvesting.

Answer Bawari, Well and Pond.

Ques10 – What is drip irrigation? What is its benefits?

Answer- Drip irrigation is a technique of watering plants by making use of narrow tubings which deliver water directly at the base of the plant. By this technique of irrigation uses less water.

Ques11 – Make a sketch showing groundwater and water table. Label it.


Groundwater and Water lable


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