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Chapter 14. Electric Current and its Effects

Chapter Review




Chapter Review:

  • The cell is a device in which produced electric current by chemical changes.

  • A combination of two or more cells is called a battery.

  • The wire gets hot when an electric current passes through it. This is the heating effect of the electric current.
  • Safety device using in electric circuits is called as fuse.
  • In the bulb there is a thin wire, called the filament .
  • It begins to flow excess electric current in a circuit due to connect many devices to the single socket. This is known as overloading. 
  • The cells of torch is connected in series.  
  • Nicrome is the element made of  electric heater.
  • Full Form of CFL is Compact fluorescent lamp.
  • Full Form of MCB is Miniature circuit breaker.
  • When the electric current is switched off, the coil generally loses its
    magnetism. Such coils are called electromagnets.
  • The amount of heat produced in a wire depends on its material, length
    and thickness.


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