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Chapter 13. Motion and Time





Chapter Review:

  • The distance covered by an object in a unit time as the speed of the object.
  • If the speed of an object moving along a straight line keeps changing, its motion is said to be non-uniform.
  • An object moving along a straight line with a constant speed is said to be in uniform motion.
  • The time taken by the pendulum to complete one oscillation is called its time period.
  • The basic unit of time is a second.
  • The speedometer of a car measure Speed. 
  • The odometer of a car measure Distance.
  • The speed is the total distance covered divided by the total time taken is called average speed. 
  • The time between one sunrise and the next was called a day.
  • A month was measured from one new moon to the next.
  • A year was fixed as the time taken by the earth to complete one revolution of the sun.
  • The metallic ball is called the bob of the pendulum.
  • The to and fro motion of a simple pendulum is an example of a periodic or an oscillatory
  • The smallest time interval that can be measured with commonly available clocks and watches is one second.


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