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NCERT Solutions for Class 6th Science


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Important Questions with solution




Important Questions with solution


Q15. – What is saturated solution?

Ans. – The solution in which no more substances can be dissolved in the amount of water we have taken. The solution is now said to be saturated solution.

Q16. – What is the used of separated husk of wheat grain?

Ans :  separated husk of wheat grain is used for many purposes such as fodder for cattles.

Q17. – What makes the winnowing success?

Ans : The wind makes the winnowing success.

Q18. – What is used to thresh large quantities of grain.

Ans : threshing machine.

Q19. – What kinds of elements of mixture can be separated by hand picking method?

Ans : This method of handpicking can be used for separating slightly larger sized impurities like the pieces of dirt, stone, and husk from wheat, rice or pulses. 


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