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NCERT Solutions for Class 6th Science


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Important Questions with solution




Important Questions with solution

Q1. – What is mixture? Give some examples.

Ans – Things that are made of two or more than two substances are known as mixture. Examples – air, dust particles, Sherbet etc; 

Q2. – Define Separation.

Ans. – By various methods a mixture is separated into its components is known as separation.

Q3. – What is Sedimentation?

Ans. – The settling down of heavy solid particles from the liquid in a mixture of solid and liquid substances is known as sedimentation.

Q4. – What is decantation?

Ans. – The process of separating a solid from a liquid by pouring out the liquid is known as decantation.

Q5. – What is filtration?

Ans. – It is a method of separating specific particles from a liquid mixture by passing it through a porous membrane.

Q6. – What is sublimation?

Ans. – Direct conversion of a solid into gas or gas into a solid, this process of conversion is called sublimation.

Q7. – Some solid substances have property to covert directly into vapour on heating without being converted back into a liquid.

  1. What is called this process?
  2.  Name some such substances.
  3. What happens when cooled the vapour?


  1. This process is called sublimation.
  2. Ammonium Chloride, Camphor, Naphthalene etc;
  3. when cooled the vapour it gets converted directly into a solid.


Q8. – What is evaporation? What is its used ?

Ans. – Conversion of water into water vapour is known as evaporation. It is used for separating salty or water soluble substances from water. Such as salt from sea.

Q9. – How will you separate salt from a mixture of Ammonium Chloride?

Ans. – The method sublimation will be used for separating salt from a mixture of Ammonium Chloride. On heating Ammonium Chloride gets converted directly into vapour, and salt remains in the pot. 

Q10. – How can straw be separated from wheat grains?

Ans. – Winnowing.

Q11. – How can a mixture of sand and marble chips be separated?

Ans. – Sieving.

Q12. – How can clean water be separated from muddy water?

Ans. – Sedimentation and loading.

Q13. – There is given a mixture of wood powder, iron nails, sand, and iron fillings. Which process of separation would you use to separate the iron things?

Ans. – Magnetic separation

Q14. – What type of substances can be separated by sieves/ sieving method?

Ans. – Substances of two solids of different size can be separated by sieves/ sieving method like flour.   


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