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NCERT Solutions for Class 6th Science


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Important Questions with solution




Important Questions with solution

Q1. – What are fibres?

Ans : The thin strands of thread that we see, are made up of still thinner strands called fibres.

Q2. – Write the type of fibres?

Ans : There are two types of fibres.

  1. Natural Fibres, like cotton, silk, wool etc.
  2. Synthetic fibres, like nylon, polyester, rayon etc.

Q3. – What are natural fibres?

Ans : The fibres which are obtained from natural sources like plants and animals are called as natural fibres.

Q4. – What are synthetic fibres?

Ans : Some fibres are made from chemical substances like polyester, rayon and nylon. These are called synthetic fibres.

Q5. – Name two fibres which obtained from plants.

Ans : Cotton and jute are plant fibres.

Q6. – Name two fibres which obtained from animals.

Ans : Silk and wool are animal fibres.

Q7. Name two devices that are used for spinning of yarns.

Ans : Takli and charkha.

Q7. – Name the device which is used for weaving of clothes.

Ans : Looms.

Q8. – what kinds of loom are used for weaving?

Ans : There are two kinds of loom used.

  1. Hand operated
  2. Power operated

Q9. – Write the name of process by which fabrics are made?

Ans : Weaving and knitting.

Q10. – What are the uses of fabrics?

Ans : Fabrics are used for making a variety of clothing items.

Q11. – Name three dresses that are wore unstitched?

Ans : Dhoti, Saree and Lungi.

Q12. – What are fabrics?

Ans : Dress materials made from threads are called fabrics. 


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