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Chapter 14. WATER

Important Questions with solution




Chapter 14. Water

1 Mark Questions: 

Ques 1: For what uses, we use water?

Ans: We use water for cooking, drinking, washing clothes, cleaning utensils, irrigating and bathing etc.

Ques 2: what are the main sources of water?

Ans: Ponds, rivers, lakes, wells and Handpump etc.

Ques 3: What part of the Earth is covered by water?

Ans: About two thirds of the Earth is covered with water.

Ques 4: What is water cycle?

Ans: The circulation of water between ocean and land is known as the water cycle.

Ques 5: Which part of sea water is not carried by water vapour during vaporization?

Ans: Water vapour does not carry salt with it.

Ques 6: What is essential thing for vapourisation?

Ans: Heat.

Ques 7: From where does sea water get heat for vapourisation?

Ans: From the sun.

Ques 8: What is water vapour?

Ans: Vapourised water is known as water vapour.

2 marks Questions: 

Ques 9: Even about two third of the Earth is covered with water, but there is lack of drinking water. Give reason.

Ans: The most of the Earth is found in sea and ocean, but they have salty water which is not drinkable.

Ques 10: How does water enter into the air?

Ans: Water vapour enters the air through the processes of evaporation and


Ques 11: What is evaporation?

Ans: The process in which water gets vaporised is known as evaporation.

Ques 12: What is transpiration?

Ans: The process in which plants lose water from leaves and its surface in known as transpiration. 

3 Marks Questions: 

Ques 13: Describe water cycle.

Ans: The ocean water getting vapourised by the sun heat it goes higher from the water surface. At sufficient heights water vapour gets cooler and it condenses to tiny drops of water they fall on the earth as rain. The rain water accumulates in small reservoirs and the most surface water goes to back in the sea and ocean. Thus there creates a cycle of water between ocean and land is known as water cycle.   

Ques 14: How do plants use water?

Ans: Plants need water to grow. Plants use a part of this water to prepare their food and retain some of it in their different parts. Remaining part of this water is released by the plants into air, as water vapour through the process of transpiration.   


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