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Chapter 14. WATER

Chapter Review




Chapter 14. Water 

Chapter Review:

  • Water is essential for life.
  • The process of changing of water into its vapour is called evaporation. 
  • Water vapour gets added to air by evaporation and transpiration.
  • The process of changing water vapour into water is called condensation. 
  • Oceans play an important role in supplying the water that we use.
  • The water vapour in the air condenses to form tiny droplets of water, which appear as clouds. Many tiny water droplets come together and fall down as rain, snow or hail.
  • Rain, hail and snow replenish water in rivers, lakes, ponds, wells and soil.
  • The circulation of water between ocean and land is known as the water cycle.
  • Excessive rains may cause floods while lack of it for long periods may cause droughts.
  • The amount of usable water on earth is limited so it needs to be used carefully.
  • The process of condensation plays an important role in bringing water back to the surface of earth.



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