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NCERT Solutions for Class 6th Science


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Additional Question with Solution: 

Que: What are magnetic material?

Ans: The materials which get attracted towards a magnet are magnetic – for example,

iron, nickel or cobalt.

Que: what are non-magnetic material?

Ans: The materials which are not attracted towards a magnet are non-magnetic.

Que: Name the natural magnet.

Ans: magnetite.

Que: What are magnets?

Ans: The substances having the property of attracting iron are now known as magnets.

Que: What are artificial magnets?

Ans: The magnets are made from iron piece are known as artificial magnets.

Que: How many types are there of magnets?

Ans: there are two types of magnets.

(1) Natural magnets

(2) Artificial magnets

Que: Write the name of artificial magnets according to shape.


(1)     Bar magnet

(2)     horse-shoe magnet

(3)     Cylindrical magnet

(4)      ball-ended magnet

Que: what are poles of magnet?

Ans: There are two ends of magnet are called its poles.

Que: How many poles are there in magnets?

Ans: There are two poles.

(1) North pole

(2) South pole

Que: What is compass?

Ans: Compass is a device made by magnet whose magnetic needles indicates the north-south direction.

Que: Write any two properties of magnet.


(1) It attracts magnetic material like iron, nickel, and cobalt.

(2) Opposite poles of two magnets attract each other whereas similar poles repel one another.

Que: Where are poles of a bar magnet located.

Ans: The poles of a bar magnet are located at its two ends.

Que: A bar magnet has no makings to indicate its poles. How would you find out near which end is its north pole located?

Ans: First of all we would hang the bar magnet to tie with a thread at its middle point. When it two ends remain in position of rest. The end which will be toward north that is north pole and remain is south pole.

Que: You are given an iron strip. How will you make it into a magnet?

Ans: Iron strip is rubbed by one end of magnet for 30 to 40 times after that it makes into a magnet.

Que: How is a compass used to find directions?

Ans: There are two ends in each magnetic needle are usually pained in a different colour. Its needle indicates the north-south direction when it comes to rest. The compass is then rotated until the north and south marked on the dial are at the two ends of the needle.


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