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NCERT Solutions for Class 6th Science


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Additional-Question with solution: 

Que : What are conductors?

Ans : Materials that allow electric current to pass through them are called conductors.

Que : What are insulators?

Ans : Materials that do not allow electric current to pass through them are called insulators.

Que : Give three examples of conductors.     

Ans : Iron, copper, Aluminium etc.

Que : Give three examples of insulators.

Ans : Wood , Plastic, and rubber etc.

Que : Write a source of electricity.

Ans : Electric cell is a source of electricity.

Que : How many terminals are there in electric cell? Name them.

Ans : There are two terminals in the electric cell, positive (+ Ve) and negative (-ve).

Que : How does electric cell produce electricity?

Ans : An electric cell produces electricity from the chemicals stored inside it.

Que : Name five device in which  electric cells are used?

Ans : Electric cells are also used in alarm clocks, wristwatches, transistor radios, cameras and many other devices.

Que: What is called the filament of bulb?

Ans: The thin wire that gives off light is called the filament of the bulb.

Que: What happens when two terminals of cell is joined together?

Ans: The chemicals in the electric cell get used up very fast and the cell stops working.

Que: Why should an electrician use rubber gloves while repairing an electric switch at your home? Explain.

Ans: Rubber gloves are insulators which do not allow to pass electric current through themselves. So protect from electric shock an electrician uses rubber gloves.

Que: What is the purpose of using an electric switch?

Ans: The switches used in lighting of electric bulbs and other devices in homes work on the same principle although their designs are more complex.

Que: What is switch?

Ans: A switch is a simple device that either breaks the circuit or completes it.

Que: What is an electric circuit?

Ans: A close and curve path of electric current is called an electric circuit.

Que: Give regions not to glow bulb through a complete electric circuit.


(1) The bulb may be fused.

(2) Battery may be discharged.

(3) Circuit may be made of insulator.

(4) Switch may be disconnected/off.

Que: Give a region for a bulb to fuse.

Ans: One reason for a bulb to fuse is a break in its filament.

Que: Name some electric gadgets  in which switches are used?

Ans: Torch, Radio, Television, table fan. 


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