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NCERT Solutions for Class 6th Science


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Important Questions with solution




Q1. Does the flame of a gas stove emit light?

Ans: Yes. 

Q2. What is rectilinear propagation of light?

Ans: Light travels in a straight line.

Q3. Write the names of 4 different sources of light?

Ans: Bulb, sun, stars, firefly

Q4. Give one example of living thing which emits light?

Ans: Jugnu {firefly)

Q5. Sometimes you are able to see sun or moon behind the clouds .What can you say about the ability of such clouds to transmit light?

Ans: Yes, clouds transmit light.

Q6. Image formed in a pinhole camera is inverted .Why?

Ans: It is inverted because of the rectilinear propagation of light.

Q7. Can you suggest the shape of the shadows?

Ans: It is usually similar to the object.

Q8. Does the length of shadow change from season to season?

Ans: Yes if observed at same time .

Q9. Define reflection of light?

Ans: The process of returning/ bouncing back the light to the same medium after Striking a surface is called reflection of light.

Q10. What is a reflector?

Ans: A surface which reflects the light is called reflector.

Q11. What is shadow?

Ans: A dark patch formed behind an opaque object when it is placed in the path of light is called shadow.

Q12. What do you mean by reflection of light?

Coming back of light ray incident on a surface is called reflection.

Q13. What is the principle of working f a pin hole camera?

Ans: A pinhole camera is based on rectilinear propagation of light?

Q14. Can light pass through opaque objects?

Ans: No

Q15. What is an artificial source of light?

Ans: Man made sources of light. For example: electric bulb, candle etc.

Q16. Classify the following into transparent, translucent, and opaque objects.

Glass, air, oil, oily paper, rubber sheet, polythine, water, football, table

Transparent: air, glass, water

Translucent: oil, oily paper, polythine

Opaque: rubber sheet, football, table

Q17. Name two artificial sources of light?

Ans: Electric bulb, candle

Q18. Name one transparent and one opaque body?

Ans: Transparent: air Opaque: stone

Q19. Give one example of most commonly used reflector?

Looking glass or plane mirror

Q20. Does the reflection of light from the surface similar to the bouncing back of a rubber ball after it strikes from a ball? Explain.

Ans : Yes, because of reflection, light falling on a surface bounces back to the same medium. When a light strikes a surface after the reflection it turns back in the same medium.

Q22. Give the properties of the image formed by the plane mirror?

Ans: The basic properties of plane mirror is as follow; 

(i) The plane mirror alsways forms a virtual and errect image.

(ii) Size of the image formed by plane mirror is equal to the size of the object.



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