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NCERT Solutions for Class 6th Science


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Question: How is the path of light?

Answer: The path of light is straightforward i.e. that it travels in a straight line.

Question: Give an example of a luminous object.

Answer: Candle

Question: What happens when there is no light?

Answer: When light is not there, we will not be able to see anything.

Question: Why do not we see any object kept in the dark room?

Answer: There is no light in the dark room, so we do not see any object kept in it.

Question: What kinds of objects form shadow?

Answer: Opaque objects.

Question: What is the use of the camera in the pin hole?

Answer: The pin hole camera is used to see the image of an object.

Question: Why should not we see the reflection of the Sun or the Sun light directly?

Answer: We should not see the reflection of the sun or the sun light directly, because the radiation coming with the sunlight can make our eyes impaired.

Question: Give an example of pin hole camera created in the nature.

Answer: When light passes through the leaves of trees, then the sunlight spots appear under the tree. The hole in which the light turns out, acts like pin hole camera.

Question : What is the reflection of light?

Answer: When the ray of light strikes a smooth opaque surface of an object, then it turns back and goes back to the direction from which it comes is called reflection of light.

Question: Give an example of an object that reflects the light?

Answer: Mirror


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