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Chapter 3. Metals and Non-metals

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Text-book Questions with Solution:

NCERT Book Page 40

Q1: Give an example of a metal which

(i) is a liquid at room temperature.

(ii) can be easily cut with a knife.

(iii) is the best conductor of heat.

(iv) is a poor conductor of heat.


(i) Metal that exists in liquid state at room temperature is Mercury. 

(ii) Metals that can be easily cut with a knife are Sodium and Potassium

(iii) Metals that are the best conductor of heat are Silver and Gold

(iv) Metals that are poor conductors of heat are Mercury and lead.

Q2. Explain the meanings of malleable and ductile.


Meliable: Some metals can be beaten into thin sheets by beating such substances are called malleable.

Ductile: Some substances can be drawn into thin wires such substances are called ductile. 



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