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NCERT Solutions for Class 10th Footprints Without Feet


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Chapter Chapter 9. Bholi

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Talk about it

1. Bholi’s teacher  helped her overcome social barriers by encouraging and motivating her. How do you can contribute towards changing the social attitude illustrated in this story?

Ans. In the colony I live in, most of the houses have appointed part-time maid servants. They help in various hold chores. I last year when our old maid want to her village, we appointed a new don’t you send her to school?” her two elder brothers are already going to school. I can’t afford any more money on studies. Moreover, what will she do after schooling—household chores only? She can if she studies and gets educated. Well, about affording the money. There is in fees specially for girls in a government school.”

2. Should girls be aware of there rights and assert them? Should girls and boys have the same rights, duties and privileges? What are some of the ways in which society treats them differently? When we speak of human rights, do we differentiate between girls rights and boys rights?

Ans. Girls should be aware of their rights and assert them. Girls and boys should have the same rights, duties and privileges. Society treats them differently in education, marriage and taking work. When we speak of human rights we don’t differentiate between girls and boy’s rights.                             



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