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NCERT Solutions for Class 10th Footprints Without Feet


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Chapter Chapter 5. Footprint without Feet

NCERT Solution




Read and find out

1 How did the invisible man first become visible?

Answer The invisible man first became visible by putting on shoes, an overcoat and a wide- brimmed hat. So by getting himself properly dressed, he became visible.

2 why was he wandering the streets?

Answer Griffin was a lawless person. His landlord disliked him and tried to eject him. In revenge Griffin set fire to the house. Thus he became homeless and wandering the streets

3 why does Mrs Hall find the scientists eccentric?

Answer Mrs. Hall found the scientist eccentric because he had uncommon appearance. He didn’t want to walk to her inspire of being friendly nature to him. He told her that his reason for coming to Iping was a desire for solitude and he did not wish to be disturbed in his work.

4 what curious episode occurs in his study?

Answer: She decided to give him two rooms in her inn because he had paid her in advance. She was ready to tolerate all her strange habits for this purpose. No one visited Iping village at this time.

5 What other extraordinary things happen at the time?

Answer He got into trouble again when the clergy and his wife heard the clink of money begin taken from the clergyman’s desk. They then went.

Think about it

“Griffin was rather a lawless person”. Comment.

Answer “Griffin was rather a lawless person”. He was a brilliant scientist. He carried out experiment after experiment to prove that the human body could become invisible. At last he swallowed certain rare drugs and his body became as transparent as a sheet of glass. He did many lawless things. He set fire to a house which didn’t belong to him. He did many lawless things. He set fire to a house which didn’t belong to him. He slipped into a big London store and broke open boxes and wrappers and fitted himself out with warm clothes. He took away clothes without paying for them. He hit a shopkeeper and stole his money. He did not make proper use of the dictionary. He troubled the people with his misdeeds.

2. How would you assess Griffin as a scientist ?

Answer After repeated experiments, Griffin had discovered  how to make the human body transparent. This was a big achievement. However, he misused his discovery for personal gains and for hurting others. Thus, though he can be termed as a brilliant scientist, he was not a noble one.





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