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Chapter Chapter 2. The Thiefs Story

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Q1. who does 'I' refer to in this storyt?

Ans.’I' in this story refer to Hari Singh.

Q2. what is he 'a fairly successful hand' at?

Ans. He is fairly successful hand at stealing.

Q3. what does he get from Anil in return for his work?

Ans. He is promised to get food in return for his work.

Q4. How does the thief think Anil will react to the theft?

Ans. he thinks Anil would show only a touch of sadness but not for the loss of money but for the loss of trust.

Q5. what does he say about the different reactions of people when they are robbed?

Ans. According to him a greedy man shows fear, a rich man shows anger and a poor man shows acceptance.

Q6. Does Anil realize that he has been robbed?

Ans. Of course, Anil realise that he has been robbed after finding the notes wet.

Talk About It 

Q1. Do you think people like Anil and Hari Singh are found only in fiction, or are there such people in real life?

Ans. Of course, we find the people like Anil and Hari Singh in real life. Although such people are rare in today's material world yet they are real human beings. People like Anil are very courageous who are ready to forgive the wrong doers. It is very easy to punish the guilty but it is so difficult to forgive them a chance to be reformed. Hari Singh is also a true human being. His innerself does not allow to deceive an innocent person like Anil. Moreover he also wants to writing full sentences.

Q2. Do you think it a significant detail in the story that Anil is a struggling writer? Does this explain his behaviour in any way?

Ans. Anil is a writer. He writes for magazines. But he is a struggling writer. We come to this conclusion as the narrator says that Anil earns by fits and starts. He borrows one week, lends the next week. He keeps worrying about his next cheque. He has become an extravagant. As soon as he gets money, he goes out and spends on his friends. He is also very careless.

Q3. Have you met anyone like Hari Singh? Can you think and imagine the circumstances that can turn a fifteen year old boy into a thief?

Ans. No, I have not met anyone like Hari Singh. But I can understand that no one is born thief. The circumstances make a person thief. If the parents of a child are not careful and they do not give full attention to words the child , certainly the child will grow up into a thief. Besides it an orphan child has more chances to become a thief. The child does not get proper love and attention and becomes so.

Q4. Where is the story set? (You can get clues from the names of the persons and places mentioned in it.) What languages are spoken in these places. Do you think the characters in the story spoke to each other in English?

Ans. The story is set in 'India'. We come to this conclusion as the names of the characters as Anil and Hari Singh are India. Again, the places mentioned in the story are Indian as Lucknow,maidan and bazaar. The currency,rupee also tells us that the story is set in India. In these plsces Hindi Ianguage is spoken. The characters in the story did not speak English. Rather they used in Hindi. 




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